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EWWR 2009-2012

Where does the EWWR come from?

The European Week for Waste Reduction is a project co-financed by the European Commission’s LIFE+ programme. The project gathers 5 partners and has been established for a 4-year period, though the Week is actually a recurring event taking place once a year. The EWWR was originally launched in 2009, already with the support of the LIFE+ Programme. Based on the original project, the EWWR was refined and expanded in scope. It comprises now several new features:

The increasing influence of the EWWR in Europe

During the 2012 edition of the EWWR, awareness-raising activities on waste prevention were implemented in 27 countries.

EWWR Countries

A record year

The fourth EWWR took place from 17 to 25 November 2012. An increase in activity was seen in all respects. There were more actions, territories, and participants than any other year.

EWWR Actions

A record number of 10793 actions was implemented during the fourth edition of the Week, in 2012.

EWWR Coordinators

The number of official EWWR Coordinators around Europe and beyond has also been increasing steadily. In 2009 the EWWR had 20 Coordinators, whereas since 2010 the number has been over 30.

Diverse actors and actions

Actions implemented during the four EWWR editions have taken a range of different forms. They have included conferences, information stands, competitions and exhibitions. The places for the awareness-raising actions have been just as versatile: waste has for example been prevented in train stations, in supermarkets, in offices, in schools, in airports and on the internet. All validated actions can be found in the EWWR database. It is also possible to view photos and videos of the actions. Every year an award ceremony is held after the reporting of the Week has been finalised. During this event the best from each category of Action Developers are chosen and rewarded.

Common actions – throughout Europe and beyond!

The last three editions of the EWWR have included special initiatives implemented in several places at the same time or following the same procedure. During the EWWR 2010 a flash mob using bins took place in several countries in Europe, Brazil & Dominican Republic. This initiative was called BatucaMob.


The EWWR 2011 introduced Common Actions on symbolic waste streams (paper, packaging, food waste, reuse & repair). The most important feature of the Common Actions was measuring the waste avoided during the action. This way the Action Developers implementing a Common Action could show instant results of waste prevention.

EWWR Communication Tools

A variety of communication tools were developed to promote the EWWR. The tools have been added to the project over the course of the four years. The EWWR has a Facebook page, an online game, and an electronic comic book. Additionally, the EWWR has developed several communication tools for EWWR Coordinators and Action Developers, to help them promote the Week. These tools include logos, posters, a leaflet and banners. Furthermore, Action Developers have the opportunity to download methodologies on how to implement specific awareness-raising actions and common actions. This provides them with the opportunity to get inspired by successful ideas implemented in the past. Please contact the EWWR Secretariat if you want to access the graphic tools.