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The EWWR BatucaMob

Make some noise against Waste!

On the first day of the 2010 EWWR (Saturday 20th 2010 - 11:00 am), a special event was implemented which occured in several places around Europe at the same time. This “Batucamob” was a symbolic and unified action of people coming together to announce the arrival of the EWWR throughout Europe, by thumping empty waste bins, trash cans and other containers as instruments.


Beats on bins!

The “BatucaMob” was the result of mixing a “Flash Mob” - being a gathering of people in a public place to carry out an action agreed upon in advance, after which the group disperses- and a “Batucada” - a type of music played on traditional Brazilian percussion instruments, originated from Rio de Janeiro, whereby the sound is made up of thumping and beating of the drums. During the “BatucaMob” for the EWWR, the traditional Brazilian instruments like the repinique tambourine, agogo and apito were replaced by such items as recycling or waste bins, empty cans or bottles, tupperware…and basically anything that can be used to symbolise waste reduction and responsible consumption, and make noise.

The motto: the emptier the bin, the louder it sounds!

The 2 formats of BatucaMob

Two kinds of “BatucaMob” were organised:

Participants were invited to play a giant Batacuda in a public space on their waste bins or any other containers normally thrown out that are symbols of how much waste can be reduced. A professional percussionist acted as the conductor to set the rhythm for participants, lead and harmonise the choir.

Kids are the “waste prevention actors” of tomorrow, but they can also raise awareness while still having fun! That is why schools across Europe could also participate in this EWWR event by implementing their own local BatucaMob. EWWR Organisers to set up partnerships with their local schools to agree on the concept and organise the project.

BatucaMobs locations: