Aktionen im Jahr 2017!

… und es werden mehr!

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Validation Criteria

Each action submitted must fulfil criteria in order to be validated and recognised as an official EWWR action.

The action must be an innovative and relevant awareness-raising and/or self-commitment action (for citizens), and has to take place during the annual edition of the EWWR.

Nature of the Action Developer

Any organisation or citizen that is interested in organising an awareness-raising action during the Week can participate as an Action Developer.

Action Developers register their proposals for EWWR actions through the national, regional or local Coordinator covering their area. Find out more on how to be an Action Developer.

Dates of Action

The action must take place exclusively during the annual edition of the EWWR: in 2017, the EWWR takes place from 18-26 of November 2017 (inclusive).

However, the action may also showcase (or be the result of) actions that have taken place prior to EWWR.

Themes of actions

The actions implemented in the EWWR address the “3Rs”: Reduce waste, Reuse products, Recycle material. The “3Rs” represent the options which should be considered first when elaborating a waste management strategy.

Furthermore, Action Developers can propose Clean-Up activities as actions (see Let’s Clean Up Europe! - European Clean-Up Day). These actions aim to attract the attention of the public and media on the amount of waste that is littered in nature by collecting illegally dumped waste in forests, beaches, and other places.

Projects dealing entirely or partly with another theme than those mentioned above will be automatically refused. For example, actions related to ‘Waste to Energy’ cannot be validated.

Prevention Thematic Days

Every edition of the European Week for Waste Reduction has specific Prevention Thematic Days. The Prevention Thematic Days are a series of actions focusing on specific topics related to waste prevention. This will give a special emphasis on the first two Rs: Reduce and Reuse. The upcoming editions of the EWWR will have Prevention Thematic Days (PTD) on the following topics:

Commitments of the Action Developer Action Developers must undertake the following commitments:

  • EWWR actions will be undertaken by Action Developers who can be clearly identified
  • Actions must be registered and officially validated by the EWWR Coordinator covering the area where the action is taking place. Find your Coordinator
  • The validated EWWR action will be carried out in respect of the law and regulations of the country where it will take place and will obtain the permission necessary for its correct proceeding.
  • The action will seek to promote and encourage positive actions and gestures.
  • The action will be performed in a spirit of openness and cooperation and not in a militant or combative manner.
  • The action will not be used to serve a political or religious purpose and will not be in breach of good morals.
  • The action will be non-profit and participation will be free.
  • Under no circumstances shall the EWWR action be focused on a product or a brand.
  • The EWWR logo and the LIFE logo will only be used in the framework of the validated EWWR action; the right of use of the logos is restricted to this action.
  • The Action Developer commits to evaluate his/her EWWR action after it has taken place (quantitative/qualitative evaluation).
  • Unless mentioned differently on the registration form, the validated EWWR action will not be entered into the review and selection process for the EWWR awards.