Aktionen im Jahr 2017!

… und es werden mehr!

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Thematic Days

The actions implemented in the EWWR address the “3Rs”: Reduce waste, Reuse products, Recycle material. The “3Rs” represent the options which should be considered first when elaborating a waste management strategy.

Following this hierarchy, waste prevention (including strict avoidance, reduction at source and reuse) should thereby always be the first priority.

Accordingly, waste prevention holds a strong place in the European Week for Waste Reduction. To highlight this, four different Prevention Thematic Days were implemented during the EWWR throughout Europe, one theme for each edition. The EWWR focused on:

The Thematic Days topic for 2017 is Reuse and Repair - Give it a new life!

For each theme, factsheets describing awareness-raising actions will be proposed, together with other specific tools.

Of course, other communication actions on waste prevention are welcome and can be implemented during the EWWR, even if they are not in line with the Thematic Days topic.