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EWWR 2014 approaching!

In a little less than two months, the 2014 edition of the European Week for Waste Reduction will start. The EWWR this year will focus on the issue of food waste, under the slogan “STOP FOOD WASTE”. A whole new suite of communication and information material is available on the Stop Food Waste page of the EWWR website for all who want to get involved.

In addition to this, a set of general communication tools for Action Developers and Coordinators has been developed. This features new promotional posters, information board, leaflet, exhibition panels on reduce, reuse, and recycle, roll-up/kakemono, web banners & email signature. Furthermore you can find on this page some additional tools such as badges, no junk mail stickers, a board game and shopping lists.

The website also hosts a multimedia section, where you can find a media gallery with EWWR pictures and videos, the online game and the comic book specifically created for the EWWR. The European Week for Waste Reduction is also being promoted via a YouTube video, that recalls the previous edition and prepares us for this year!

Participating in the EWWR is easy: anyone can register an action via a new, intuitive online registration tool and become Action Developers of the EWWR. Action Developers then gain a complete action to the comprehensive set of Communication Tools, otherwise only available to Coordinators.

Registrations for Action Developers’ actions will be open until 3 November 2014.