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EWWR Conference - 22 May 2014, Rome

Yesterday, the international EWWR conference took place in Rome. Attracting more than 150 participants, the conference was a big success!

In the morning of the conference, a focus was laid on waste prevention and sustainable resource management in Europe on the comparison of good practices. The morning consisted of two round-table discussions:

The afternoon part focused on the European Week for Waste Reduction as a highly successful example of an effective communication campaign and out the project in the context of other successful communication campaigns. The last session furthermore elaborated on the question of how to raise citizen’s awareness on waste prevention, products reuse and materials recycling.

The EWWR conference was embedded in the three days congress “Towards a European Circular Economy”, jointly organised by AICA and ACR+ and held in Rome between the 21 to the 23 of May.

You can have a look at the presentations and recordings of the Congress here.