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Let’s Clean Up Europe 2014 – First results

This Saturday, 10th of May, it was finally time for European citizens to get out on the streets and in the nature to clean-up their area from litter; time for Let’s Clean Up Europe 2014!

The first edition of Let’s Clean Up Europe was a great success: more than 3300 clean-up actions have been implemented all over Europe! As a bottom-up initiative taking place for the first time in 2014, this is a great result.

From Portugal to Poland, from Finland to Turkey: all over Europe people came together to clean-up the nature in their area from litter. This great success could only be achieved thanks to all the great efforts made by the national and regional coordinators involved, so thank you all very much for this! We are hoping to have all of them and more back on board for the next edition next year.

Find out more about the first edition of Let’s Clean Up Europe in the Press Release issued today.


Every year, millions of tonnes of litter end up in oceans, beaches, forests and elsewhere in nature. This has severe and harmful consequences for the wildlife, particularly if it ends up as marine litter in the oceans. The primary causes for litter are our societies’ unsustainable production and consumption patterns, poor waste management strategies and the lack of awareness of the population.

Let’s Clean Up Europe has been created to reduce littering in nature and to give visibility to this problem and its causes. Let’s Clean Up Europe intends to bring together different clean-up campaigns to create a Europe-wide clean-up event. It is based on the strong believe in the power of clean-up actions to change the lack of awareness of the population.

By being part of “Let’s Clean Up Europe!” and helping to clean up their environment, European citizens can see how much waste is being dumped in their neighbourhood. This action therefore provides a unique opportunity to raise citizen’s awareness on the litter problem and to help changing people’s behaviour. As Let’s Clean Up Europe takes place on the same day all over the continent, it is supposed to reach and involve as many citizens as possible.

Let’s Clean Up Europe is part of the European Week for Waste Reduction project (EWWR), which aims at raising awareness on sustainable resource and waste management, sustainable production and consumption. The next edition of the European Week for Waste Reduction will take place between 22 and 30 November 2014.

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