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Let’s Clean Up Europe! – Towards a European Clean-Up Day

Let’s Clean Up Europe! – Towards a European Clean-Up Day

To catch the attention of Europeans on one of the ugliest sides of waste, the EWWR project will organise a European Clean-Up Day (ECUD).

While national and regional clean-up campaigns exist, a regular clean-up day organised on the same day throughout Europe does not exist yet. The Let’s Clean Up Europe! initiative will be the first real European Clean-Up Day, aimed at motivating as many citizens as possible to pick-up waste littered in nature. Thereby participants will realise how much waste is actually littered in their environment while at the same time being provided with information on the possibilities of reducing waste, reusing products and recycling materials.

We warmly invite you to take part in the first European Clean-Up Day on 10th May 2014!

Visit the Let’s Clean Up Europe web page or contact the EWWR Secretariat (contact@ewwr.eu) to learn more about the European Clean-Up Day.