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Registration for the European Week for Waste Reduction is open!

Be part of the EWWR as an Action Developer

Since the beginning of September, the European Week for Waste Reduction opens its registration for its seventh edition, which will take place between the 21th and the 29th of November. Take part in one of the biggest initiatives on sustainable resource management: become an Action Developer by registering your action via the EWWR website before the 6th of November.

By proposing communication actions, the week represents a chance to engage with topics related to the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This year’s edition focuses on “Dematerialization – Doing more with less!” which stands for using less or no material for the same level of functionality to the user.

Any related actions are welcome and will increment the already exceptional number of more than 24.800 actions implemented during the past six editions! Actions can take the most various forms and can vary from conferences and contests to exhibitions and workshops and much more.

You want to get involved but don’t know what to organise? Browse through our extensive collection of ideas for actions and find inspiration:

- Ideas on reduce

- Ideas on reuse

- Ideas on recycling

- Award winning actions on reduce, reuse, recycle

Find your suggestion there and develop your own awareness-raising action!

In order to propose your EWWR action, just register yourself as an Action Developer (if not already done), and then register your action. You can find the specific criteria of participation in the Action Developer’s Charter. Please do contact your Coordinator should you have any question about the organisation of your event.

The EWWR can be also found on social media, so don’t hesitate to look for the EWWR on Twitter and Facebook.

Contribute to sustainable change and help making the difference by taking part in the EWWR!