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Between the 21st and the 29th of November, the 2015 edition of the European Week for Waste Reduction takes place. The 2015 EWWR will focus on the issue of Dematerialization, under the slogan “DEMATERIALIZATION: DOING MORE WITH LESS”.

Dematerialization, standing for a way to use less or no material to deliver the same level of functionality to the user, has been adopted as the main theme for the 2015 edition of the EWWR. Dematerialisation includes the idea of replacing products with services, as well as of improving the use of materials (by reusing products, by substituting materials, by using fewer materials for a specific function). Solutions like sharing economy, services replacing products, and improved materials will become essential and more and more important towards resource efficiency.

The EWWR welcomes any type of action related to Dematerialization and to the 3R’s and involves public authorities, associations, NGOs, businesses, schools and individual citizens. Actions can take the most various forms and can vary from conferences and contests to exhibitions, workshops, information campaigns and much more.

Taking part is easy! You can find guides, a variety of communications tools, factsheets on each of the topics and, if you still do not have in mind any action in particular, get inspired by our ideas for actions section. Furthermore, there are a lot of support tools available that help Action Developers in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of their dematerialisation action!

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For any further question please do also not hesitate to write to contact[at]ewwr.eu.