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Working together for a more sustainable Europe #3

We are always glad to read about other projects that address sustainability and the 3Rs: Reduce waste, Reuse products, Recycle materials!

Working together for a more sustainable EU!
Working together for a more sustainable EU!

Promoting the use of sustainable resources must become a common goal for all of us, both as organisations and as individual citizens. Therefore, here we present some other interesting EU projects that are working with us towards a more sustainable environment:

Spreading knowledge about the impacts of waste and the good practices of reducing them are essential for maintaining a healthy environment. The Rethink campaign in Cyprus is an inspiring project funded under the LIFE Programme with the aim of raising awareness on the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It encourages the people of Cyprus to “rethink” their lifestyles and their environmental impact.

As communication plays a key part in diffusing information Rethink makes great use of all media streams, from television ads to social networks, in order to circulate the ideas and practices of the 3Rs to the wider public. Even more they organise events combining creativity and fun with information and good practices! As they said it themselves “Never before has information about the environment and recycling been so much fun!”

Visit rethink.com.cy/en/ to read more about the project in Cyprus.

Electrical and electronic equipment including accumulators and batteries are not a novelty. However what is a novelty nowadays is their ever more complex technological features and unfortunately a general tendency for shorter life expectancy. All of which leads to high amounts of waste. Also referred to as E-waste or WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment), it has serious environmental impacts firstly because of resource consumption but also due to their composition and difficulties to separate the materials.

In Slovenia, the project called LIFE E Waste Governance is tackling this issue in a comprehensive way. The aim of the project is not only to enable better infrastructure, collection networks and sustainable management of WEEE but ultimately to change the consumer’s behaviours in Slovenia especially regarding the separation of WEEE. By constantly working to inform and raise awareness the project aims to reach high WEEE collection targets setting up a trend among citizens and also industry.

Read more about the project here: e-odpadki.zeos.si/

Have you ever tried driving a truck in a narrow street? How would you integrate a waste bin near an ancient monument? These are some of the concrete issues faced by the European Heritage Cities when implementing their waste management plans. They are bound to respect strict aesthetic criteria but their winding city centres makes it difficult to implement ordinary methods and equipments.

The INTHERWASTE project is funded under the European Regional Development Fund. This project aims to improve local and regional policies for sustainable waste management in Heritage Cities. After a first phase of learning and exchanging best practices, the project partners will draw action plans, which will then be monitored and shared with other European cities.

Discover more about waste management in Heritage Cities: www.interregeurope.eu/intherwaste and follow the project on twitter @intherwaste