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Your feedback is important! Evaluation of the EWWR

With more than 12,000 implemented actions, the European Week for Waste Reduction 2014 was a great success. Thank you all for commitment!

We would now like to ask all Action Developers that have organised an action to give their feedback and evaluation regarding this 6th edition of the EWWR. For us, this kind of feedback is extremely important in order to learn and improve for future editions!

For this purpose, an online evaluation form has been set up, which is available in 7 languages:

Answering the questionnaire should only take you 5 to 10 minutes! If your language is not available, we kindly invite you to take the survey in one of the 7 languages, whichever you feel most comfortable in.

Pictures and Videos

You have organized colourful, interesting and captivating actions: send your Coordinator the best 5 pictures from your action and links to your EWWR videos! You will find them online on the EWWR website.

EWWR evaluation for Coordinators

We are also very interested in the feedback from EWWR Coordinators. A dedicated online questionnaire has been set up for them to share the results of this experience.

The questionnaire for EWWR 2014 Coordinators is available online.

Are you interested in becoming a Coordinator for the European Week for Waste Reduction 2015? Discover how!

Thank you for participating and for improving each year the European Week for Waste Reduction!

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