Actions in 2018

And Counting!

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Ideas for actions

In this section, you will find a comprehensive selection of best practices of actions implemented during past editions of the EWWR in the scope of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle).

Ideas for Actions

1. Reduce - Strict avoidance and reduction at source:

This theme covers actions that aim at raising awareness about the urgency of reducing the quantity of waste we produce by giving advice on how to avoid or reduce waste at source, as for example by home composting, using anti-advertising stickers for mailboxes or opting for tap water. It furthermore covers actions that aim at changing consumer behaviour by promoting the inclusion of sustainability aspects in purchase decisions, as for example by opting for eco-labelled products or those with little or no packaging, by buying in bulk or by choosing dematerialised gifts.

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2. Reuse - Preparing for reuse and reuse:

This theme covers actions that aim at reminding participants that products can have a second life, at promoting repair or reuse of products instead of purchasing new ones, and at encouraging the donation of products that are no longer needed. The theme also includes actions that aim at changing consumer behaviour in the sense of buying reusable or refillable products, hiring items rather than buying them and similar.

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3. Recycle - Waste sorting and recycling:

This theme covers actions that aim at helping people to improve their waste-sorting behaviour by, for example, explaining how to close the loop of material resources, by encouraging people to bring their waste to the proper collector or by organising visits to sorting and recycling facilities.

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