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Action Developers

How to participate: as an Action Developer

Because every action counts! Action Developers organise and carry out actions on waste prevention, reuse or recycling during the Week, with the aim of informing as many citizens as possible. They register their proposals for EWWR actions through the national, regional or local Coordinator covering their area.

The paper orchestra – Oviedo School of Music (Asturias, Spain), EWWR 2012
The paper orchestra – Oviedo School of Music (Asturias, Spain), EWWR 2012

Action Developers can belong to one of the following categories:

Become an Action Developer!

To take on the role of a EWWR Action Developer, you simply have to register your idea for a communication action focused on waste reduction, reuse or recycling to the EWWR Coordinator covering your area. Check on the list of Coordinators who is in charge of coordinating the EWWR in your area and contact them to register. If your area does not yet have an Organiser, you can register directly at the EWWR Secretariat. To participate in the European Week for Waste Reduction as an Action Developer, you must commit to a number of principles. These are laid out in the Action Developers’ Participation Charter. Once your proposal has been validated (validation criteria), the Coordinator will contact you with more information to guide you with the implementation of your action.

Actions implemented by action developers during the EWWR can take very different forms. Conferences, contests, information booths and exhibitions are just some examples. Find out more about what has been implemented by previous participants and get ideas for actions.


In order to support Action Developers in organising and implementing an EWWR action, several trainings will be held each year. Find out more by visiting the training page.