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EWWR Coordinators

How to participate: as a Coordinator

Coordinators of the European Week for Waste Reduction are public authorities that have competences in the field of waste management. They act as coordinators of the EWWR at the level of competence they represent in their country. As such, they are responsible for promoting the EWWR on their territory. Furthermore they ensure the registration, validation and coordination of actions proposed by Action Developers.


Public authorities can also delegate these tasks to an associate organisation officially appointed to represent them. For countries, regions or areas that are not covered by a national, regional or local Coordinator, the EWWR Secretariat will act as Coordinator. EWWR Coordinators of this year’s edition of the EWWR are listed in the list of coordinators.


In order to support Coordinators in organising the European Week for Waste Reduction, several trainings will be held each year. Find out more by visiting the training page.

Become a Coordinator! To take on the role of a EWWR Coordinator, you have to be a European public authority with recognised competence in the field of waste management. EWWR Coordinators must officially adhere to the objectives of the European Week for Waste Reduction and to various commitments within the framework of the project by signing the Coordinators’ Commitment Charter. To become a EWWR Coordinator for the next edition of the EWWR, fill in the Coordinators’Commitment Charter and send it to the EWWR Secretariat.