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Changing behaviours for a better environment - Commit yourself!

The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) has developed a motivational tool that encourages citizens all around the world to adopt specific behaviours towards sustainable resource management. Through this online tool, available here www.ewwrcommitment.eu, you too can contribute to reducing the amount of waste that is overwhelming for our environment. The principle is simple: you can choose from 14 good habits, for example composting or avoiding overpackaged products, and pledge that you will adhere to this attitude.

Specifically during the EWWR 1,942 commitments have been made, meaning that raising awareness about waste reduction was successful.

The total number of commitments that have been endorsed by citizens all around the world through the EWWR commitment tool and also its Hungarian version until now is 3,273[1]. This simple action permits further engagement from citizens also outside Europe and beyond the time frame of EWWR. The aim is to reach as many citizens as possible to raise awareness about the easy steps that can be made to reduce the waste we produce.

Commit yourself and join the waste reducers community!

[1] As of 20 December 2016.