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European Week for Waste Reduction 2015 beating records

The success of the European Week for Waste Reduction is confirmed, once again, with more than 12.000 actions registered by Action Developers, which will be carried out in 33 different countries.

Thanks to the activism and enthusiasm of Action Developers and to the efforts of individual Coordinators, the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) returns for its annual appointment with another intensive week of awareness-raising events. From the 21st to the-29th of November 2015, anyone can participate in EWWR actions related to waste reduction, products reuse and materials recycling, as well as Clean-Ups, all over Europe! You will find thousands of them on the EWWR Database!

Probably the nearest EWWR activity to you is only a few steps away!

With 40 Coordinators coordinating 12.035 actions in 33 countries, the 2015 edition beats all previous records regarding the number of Coordinators involved and the number of countries covered. You can have a look at the EWWR Press Release here! For more details you can also refer to the EWWR Press Kit. This includes the total numbers of EWWR actions and Coordinators, and other general information, as well as a map of EWWR actions and the description of one individual action highlighted by each Coordinator!