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The winners of the European Week for Waste Reduction Awards!

The most outstanding actions of EWWR 2015 were rewarded!

This year’s Awards Ceremony of the European Week for Waste Reduction, a project under the tutelage of ACR+ took place in Brussels on the 11th of May. The event was hosted in the wonderful auditorium of Brussels Environment, where the finalists and winners were granted their well-deserved awards, filling the air with much joy.

The ceremony was an excellent finishing touch for the international conference “Circular Economy in practice: Rethinking our production and consumption models” jointly organised by Brussels Environment and ACR+. This year’s actions have reassured again that people are more and more aware of waste issues, setting up a challenging task for the esteemed Jury who had to pick six actions from 18 finalists, one for each of the following categories: Administration/Public Authority, Association/NGO, Business/Industry, Educational Establishment, Citizens and Others.

Details about the winners can be found in the Press Release, with a comprehensive overview of the EWWR Awards in the Press File.

Nevertheless the campaign will continue with the next EWWR taking place between the 19th and 27th November 2016. To catch a glimpse about what happened all year around have a look at the retrospective of EWWR 2015!