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The European Week for Waste Reduction 2016 is getting closer!

As you might already know this year the European Week for Waste Reduction will take place between 19th and 27th November. What you didn’t know until now was the registration period! So save the dates between 1st September and 4th November 2016 as it is the period in which you, as an Action Developer, can register your waste reduction actions and thus take part in EWWR! If you are not an Action Developer yet you can sign up anytime here: http://www.ewwr.eu/en/take_part/info.

Moreover did you know that every year the EWWR focuses on a theme? It is called the Prevention Thematic Days. Last year, the focus was on Dematerialisation: Doing more with less! Two years ago it was about Food waste and three years ago Reuse was under the spotlight. You can have a look at each of them by clicking on this link: www.ewwr.eu/en/support/prevention-thematic-days. Of course, you are still free to pick another theme linked to waste reduction.

This year’s Prevention Thematic Days edition will focus on: Packaging Waste Reduction – Use Less Packaging! Why? Because despite its usefulness, there are many issues surrounding packaging waste, more exactly high resource consumption and environmental degradation. We highly encourage Action Developers and participants to carry out actions regarding this topic. We believe that this is a crucial problem which is why we also developed some factsheets and guidelines in order to help you. See them here: www.ewwr.eu/en/support/prevention-thematic-days-2016. A promotional poster will also be available soon!

We look forward to seeing extraordinary actions in the name of waste reduction this year too!