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Join the Let’s Clean-Up Europe! campaign and register your action now!

The registrations for the Let’s Clean-Up Europe! (LCUE) campaign have started! The initiative is back for a new year full of clean-up actions. The novelty this time is that the campaign has

A European Spring Clean!
A European Spring Clean!

extended its timeframe in order to enable more Action Developers to organise their activities considering their climatic and geographic conditions.Therefore the implementation of clean-up actions can take place from thew 1st of March until the 30th of June, becoming a major spring clean! In order to register your action please fill in this registration form until the 30th of April. If you have questions the LCUE Coordinators are here to answer them and guide you with organising an effective clean-up event!

The LCUE initiative wants to create a vivid momentum and raise awareness about the critical issues related to litter and unsustainable consumption patterns! For this the second weekend of May, namely from the 12th to 14th of May, will be promoted as the central European Clean-Up Days when Action Developers all around are invited to concentrate their clean-up actions!

Save these dates and join the LCUE campaign! Read more on the Let’s Clean Up Europe! website and get the latest updates and inspiring ideas by following @LCUEofficial & @LetsCleanUpEU!