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Prevention Thematic Days: in 2013, let’s reuse

During each edition of the EWWR, a specific focus will be given to an issue related to waste prevention to remind the importance of acting on waste at the source. These waste prevention thematic days comprise a series of actions to be implemented during the EWWR, and will support stakeholders wanting to act upon these themes.

The first Prevention Thematic Days, taking place during the EWWR in 2013, will focus on reuse. Promoting reuse activities has a strong value for sustainable development because it not only promotes environmental protection through waste prevention but also contributes to social aims such as the fight against poverty, social inclusion and equality, job creation, and many more.

In order to facilitate the promotion and organisation of activities related to reuse during the Week 2013, Coordinators and Action Developers are provided with information and communication tools on the subject. A compilation of factsheets on specific reuse activities were developed in order to help action developers to organise reuse activities. The factsheets provide them with general information on the activity and contain tips on preparing and implementing the action as well as a compilation of examples. You can download the factsheets and find out more about the reuse days 2013 in the prevention thematic days 2013 on reuse section.

Actions targeting other themes than reuse are of course as well more than welcome for the EWWR 2013. Furthermore, we warmly welcome you to continue using the tools provided for the reuse thematic days 2013 when implementing reuse activities in other years. You can still register an action for the European Week for Waste Reduction 2013!

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