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Registrations for the EWWR 2016 have started!

This year’s edition of the European Week for Waste Reduction will take place between 19th and 27th November and we know that, once again, it will be a week full of outstanding waste reduction actions! In order to make this possible Action Developers are invited to register their action between 1st September and 4th November right here: www.ewwr.eu/register. If you are new to this project but have a great idea about how to raise awareness regarding waste reduction in your community then take up the role of the Action Developer and contact the Coordinator of your region or country. You can read more about it here: www.ewwr.eu/en/take_part/info.

To make the week even more interesting our proposal for the Prevention Thematic Days is about Packaging Waste Reduction! Why? Although packaging is useful in many cases, there are critical issues regarding packaging waste. This is why we encourage Action Developers and participants to carry out actions in order to reduce packaging waste. See some factsheets and guidelines which we prepared right here: www.ewwr.eu/en/support/prevention-thematic-days-2016.

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Register your action here: www.ewwr.eu/register