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Repurpose – a re-use project for the community

Repurpose is a LIFE+ project that aims at changing the lives of social housing residents through the implementation of re-use schemes in the community. After two years of demonstrating how such a scheme improves the social, environmental and economic level of a community the project has launched a number of resources in the hope of spreading their concept.

The core of Repurpose is the establishment of a re-use hub called Loop, a space from which an estate-wide collection service of unwanted household items is run. These items are repaired if needed and sold at low prices. The project focused also on skills-building and volunteering with dedicated events and training programmes.

The results of the project have recently taken shape! First an Implementation Guide which gives practical guidance to housing providers on re-use schemes was created. Secondly a Toolkit giving support to residents was also made available, and thirdly a Policy Pack was elaborated with the aim of giving recommendations to decision makers at the European, national and regional level on how to support this kind of programme strategically. They are all available at www.repurpose.london.

It’s great to see how finally taking care of the environment leads to taking care of the community!

See the latest news about them by looking for #RepurposeLDN on Twitter!

You can also have a look at the EWWR resources on Reuse by visiting this page and discover some great ideas for actions.

The Loop
The Loop