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The Best LIFE Project Awards 2016

This year’s LIFE Best Projects Awards took place on 31 May 2016 during EU Green Week, which is one of the greatest events where environmental policies are discussed, so it made perfect sense to award the most outstanding LIFE projects during this occasion. Not so long ago, more exactly in 2013, the EWWR project was also elected one of the “Best of the Best” among the projects.

A total of 51 finalists were given the “Best LIFE Project” title for the year 2015 in the categories Nature, Environment and Information & Communication within the same strands. The honour of being “Best of the Best” was given to 11 winners from Cyprus, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain and UK.

Among the finalists there were many projects from the waste world demonstrating that this sector has so much more to offer in terms of innovation. Here they are:

BREAD4PLA - Demonstration-Plant Project to Produce Poly-Lactic Acid (PLA) Biopolymer From Waste Products of Bakery Industry

POLYMIX - Polymer Wastes in Asphalt Mixes: a Way to Increase Sustainability of Roads Infrastructures

ELINA - Integrated green life-cycle management of waste oils and petroleum residues

NOW - No more organic waste. A new integrated system to eliminate organic waste in the organised large scale distribution -

REBIRTH - Promotion of the recycling of industrial waste and building rubble for the construction industry

GREEN SINKS - Realization of green composite sinks substituting organic and mineral primary materials by recovered waste

One “Best of the Best” project especially caught our eye. This was from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and it is called SEWeb - Scotland’s environmental web. Its aim is to create a platform where services and environmental information are shared. This system could become a single point of access for all the environment related data in Scotland, but its potential could cross frontiers, and work at EU level, or even globally! It is an inspiring project from which the waste management sector could gain a lot.