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Share your commitments to waste reduction!

The EWWR is enjoying a great success with over 12.000 actions registered this year! It is sharing its principles of waste reduction and the 3R’s, with a special focus on Dematerialization, all over the 33 participating countries! To commit to these principles is easy, and can now be shared through this new online tool ‘I commit myself’!

By adopting simple behaviours in daily life, such as not wasting food, giving away items, composting or recycling, we can all contribute to significantly reducing the amount of waste that is choking the planet and depleting natural resources.

With just a click, you can commit yourself to different behaviours to reduce the amount of waste you produce and share you commitments on Facebook, Twitter and mail!

I commit myself! Share your commitments to waste reduction with this new online tool: www.ewwrcommitment.eu/en