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The EWWR International Conference and Awards Ceremony - Giving recognition to "3Rs" practices!

Last Thursday, 18 May 2017, was a very special day for the European Week for Waste Reduction! It marked the peak of what has been an amazing year for the awareness raising campaign. Out of 12, 255 actions that were registered for the EWWR from 19 to 27 November 2016, 86 actions were submitted by the EWWR Coordinators to compete for the EWWR Awards.

Following a challenging selection process, the Jury finally elected 3 actions per category of Action Developers as finalists to run for the EWWR Awards. Find out more about the selection process here.

The winners were announced at the EWWR Awards Ceremony in Barcelona and they are:

Warm congratulations to them! To get more information about the winners and finalists see the Press File.

The ceremony was a colourful highlight of the International Conference called “Qualitative prevention, a new approach towards the circular economy”. During this conference eight EWWR Coordinators presented inspiring best practices from their territories focusing on themes such as food waste, packaging waste, reuse or clean-ups, in countries like Malta, Germany and even the Dominican Republic! The conference featured also presentations of practical experiences on qualitative prevention and a whole session on reuse schemes in the wine and beverage sector.

The event was also the finishing touch to the four-year financing from LIFE+ programme. Starting from the next edition, the EWWR will enter a new, fresh phase so stay tuned to see the great things to come!

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The EWWR trophies!
The EWWR trophies!