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What has the EWWR been up to for the past 4 years?

EWWR Key Results (2013-2017)
EWWR Key Results (2013-2017)

On 30 June 2017, the LIFE+ programme financing of the EWWR has ended. Fortunately, the EWWR is continuing its mission to reduce waste thanks to its new European Steering Committee!

The 9th edition will take place as usual during the last week of November, from 18 to 26 November 2017.

With this fresh start, when would be a better time to reflect on the last 4 years under the LIFE programme? We have compiled a short summary of our activities, results and general information about waste reduction in a Layman’s report. Check it out to discover some pictures, data and infographics about the EWWR!

Here is the EWWR Layman’s report, also available in Catalan, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish.

It is now your turn to take action!