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Working together for a more sustainable Europe #2

We are always glad to discover other projects that address sustainability and the 3Rs: Reduce waste, Reuse products, Recycle materials! Promoting the use of sustainable resources must become a common goal for all of us, both as organisations and as individual citizens. Therefore, here we present some other interesting EU projects that are working with us towards a more sustainable environment.

· Don’t Waste Our Future

Did you know that 1/3 of the food produced worldwide is wasted? This is an incredible amount which the project Don’t Waste Our Future wants to change!

Don’t Waste Our Future is a project aiming to build a European youth alliance against food waste and for the global right to good. For this project, young people from 7 European countries (Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, United Kingdom, France and Spain) worked together to raise awareness on the fight against food waste and for the global right to food. Many of these students met in Milan during the World Expo 2015 and wrote a European charter: “A joint European manifesto of young people and local authorities to promote food waste reduction and the global right to food”.

Join the fight against food waste and sign the Charter here: www.dontwaste.eu/charter

Discover the Don’t Waste Our Future project: www.dontwaste.eu

· EcoLife

One of the most important factors influencing our degrading environment is our consumerist behaviours. This is having a critical impact on the environment but it can be changed if the right guidance is provided to the citizens! We do not always know which choice is the best or what we can individually accomplish to safeguard our environment.

EcoLife, a project funded by the European Commission, aims to change behaviours that negatively influence the environment, and push for sustainable changes in our daily habits towards a
sustainable lifestyle. Through exploiting the knowledge and experience achieved in professional communication on risk perception and risk prevention, the project wishes to raise awareness and achieve an effective reduction of CO2 emissions. The actions focus on different aspects of our current lifestyle, including our waste.

Are you ready to change your daily habits? Visit www.ecolifestyles.eu/en

· Waste on a diet

As European citizens, we surely need to put our waste on a diet! To achieve this, Sybert has developed the project Waste on diet which aims to reduce waste, increase the recycling of materials and control the costs.

They believe that waste reduction can be achieved thanks to citizens’ participation. The project includes a waste prevention awareness campaigns going into small but important details like shopping, preparing meals, redesigning clothes and furniture, purchasing second hand goods. This is an essential aspect of setting the base for a sustainable lifestyle! The project is also supported by the LIFE programme of the European Union, which underlines its importance and contribution to the EU sustainable development goals.

For more information explore their website here: http://sybert.fr/presentation.html

Let’s all work together for a more sustainable Europe!